Why Bali is the World's Greatest Spa Mecca


For 2 weeks this past holiday, our COO Joan journeyed to the mystical island of Bali where she indulged in some of the planet’s best spa treatments surrounded by stunning panoramic jungle and coastal views. Catch a glimpse of her escapades and the life-saving products she brought with her from Sleekhair.com.

As an avid globetrotter, trained bodyworker and passionate “granola”, I have explored many incredible places, but Bali still stands as my favorite destination for rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. There are as many outstanding spa centers as there are Starbucks here in the states. Treatments are ridiculously affordable and fit for an Arabian queen-- REALLY! Being quite the spa junkie and extremely selective of one's energy and touch, I was amazed at how consistently aahhhmazing my experiences were across the board.

After testing handfuls of therapies across popular beach cities and in the picturesque countryside, I've come to find that the very best ones are concentrated in the heart of Ubud, a wellness hub nestled in the lush jungle region, just an hour north of the main coastal sites of Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu. Ubud in Balinese means "medicine," which is why it is home to the greatest shamanic healers and all things wellness in the country. An abundance of retreats for yoga, meditation, detox, food alchemy and just about any healing modality imaginable occur year-round drawing like-minded souls in search of deeper spiritual harmony.

One of the most memorable spa treatments unfolded at Karsa Spa,

a mini paradise surrounded by

vibrant green rice fields and tranquil pools brimming with lotus blooms and lily pads. The ride through the stunning rural landscapes is a treat on its own. Karsa's captivating service menu features an exquisite array of authentic therapies from around the globe that can be tailored to your unique needs. Traveling with my partner, we decided to indulge in the 3 hour couples massage that included an "Intuitive Heart Massage," "Body Scrub" and dreamy floral bath covered in gorgeous Frangipani flower petals for less than $50!

Upon arrival, you are warmly greeted with hot herbal tea and an ornate tray of fragrant botanical-based massage oils and scrubs to choose from. I chose the sweet Jasmine Oil and the Lulur Delight Scrub comprised of locally-sourced turmeric, coriander, red rice and essential oils to promote a smooth radiant body glow. An eclectic combination of Balinese, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu and Reiki, the Intuitive Heart Massage is utterly magical and left me in a state of sheer bliss for the rest of the day. As a massage therapist, everything was executed flawlessly: technique, energy, focus and intuition. I was inspired to fine-tune my abilities to meet this impeccable standard.

What made this experience even more enthralling was listening to the soundtrack of nature live. Hearing the trickling raindrops, birds singing and geckos clicking during the decadent rub-down was a mind-melting 360 experience.

I couldn't help but spoil myself with several more 3 hour treatments at various locations throughout my stay. I mean how could one not? There is a seemingly infinite number of pampering options that are incredibly affordable and transpire in the grand beauty of the tropics to say the least.

If you're looking for the ultimate escape and a profound recharge on all levels of your being, I highly recommend making the trek to Bali. Despite the 25-30 hour flight, the light-hearted friendly people, breathtaking landscape and wondrous Balinese spirit is incredibly intoxicating and will leave you yearning for more.

For those interested in some jet-set friendly beauty items, I've put together the most versatile faves that have come to the rescue in times of great need abroad. They can be found at yours truly, Sleekhair.com.

Here they are:

Mirakle Cream This all-purpose “genius in a jar” boasts a whopping 25 skin benefits and more. Packed with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, it reduces fine lines, dryness and hyperpigmentation to name a few. This luscious cream worked wonders on my skin in all microclimates throughout Bali. From spots of dryness to itchy mosquito bites, it soothed my skin and kept it deeply hydrated.

Peter Lamas Travel Size Youth Revival Hair Treatment Mask and Detoxifying Citrus C Facial Cleaner –

This outstanding brand brings together the best of nature’s botanicals and cutting edge science.

My wavy perm can get a bit wild especially in hot, humid weather. I needed generous amounts of moisture without adding more toxins to my strands and the Youth Revival Mask did just the trick. It revitalized my waves, giving it more lasting bounce, shine and natural nourishment.

The tropics can be pretty disastrous for combo, oily skin like mine. A really good, detoxifying cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin while removing impurities is a must. The Detoxifying Citrus C Facial Cleanser is awesome! It not only cleanses, but also locks in moisture. An added plus! After a rinse, your skin feels really soft, smooth and luminous.

Teadora Brazilian Glow Radiance and Renewal Oil A superfood elixir for your skin made with Amazon Rainforest-rich superfruits and botanicals. For that extra deep layer of hydration and protection, I like to apply this oil on my face and neck before anything else. Works well even as a natural makeup primer or cleansing oil. Used before a hot shower or bath, it will penetrate more deeply into the skin as the heat opens up your pores. I’m seriously in love with this bath, body and beyond oil!

Until our next adventure.


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