Why Sheet Masks Should Be Part of Your Skincare Routine

Sheet masks have long been a woman’s skincare staple in Asia, especially in Korea. Not only are they fun to apply, but they’re pretty darn affordable and awesome! There’s a sheet mask for every skin condition imaginable and each one is drenched in nutrient-rich serums that instantly quench your skin in minutes. If they’re not part of your regimen yet, here’s why they should be ASAP:

  1. Offers a facial treatment super customized to your skincare needs. Everyone has different skin types with different issues that come up at any given moment. Sheet masks can target a vast multitude of skin issues that call for tightening, firming, hydration, clarifying, lightening, brightening, exfoliating, cooling, detoxifying etc.

  2. Get visible results instantly. Sheet masks contain loads of active ingredients that penetrate your skin in a concentrated way. After steeping your skin with a vitamin-infused mask for 15-20 minutes, you will notice that it will appear more plump, smooth and luminous. It’s a great way to prep your face before applying makeup in the morning.

  3. They’re TSA friendly and keep you looking vibrant through long travels. You can easily toss a dozen of these slim, feather light packets in your carry-on. The stale air in the plane’s cabin can be extremely dehydrating, sucking every drop of moisture out of your skin, leaving it dull, flaky and dry. Pop one on during a long flight and arrive to your destination looking soft, bright and radiant without a single sign of jet lag.

  4. A simple and affordable luxury. Finally! Skin nourishing treatments that don’t break the bank. You can pamper your face several times a week with a wide variety of sheet masks for just $3-10 each. They’re quick, easy and disposable.

  5. Cultivates moments of stillness and relaxation in your daily life. You could probably multi-task while soaking your skin in a sea of nutrients, but the mask is likely to slip off and fall to the floor. See these sweet spa items as an excuse to create an uninterrupted moment of silence for yourself while your skin marinates in sheer goodness.

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