How my Skin Cancer Scare Changed my Relationship with the Sun!

How my Skin Cancer Scare Changed my Relationship with the Sun!

Hey Summer Babes!

If you’re anything like me the minute the weather heats up, you're the first to pull out a trendy unicorn floaty and jump in the pool! A cute floaty is practically a pool essential these days among floppy hats, cute towels, and of course, sunscreen. However, when I was growing up, sunscreen and a hat were items I never thought about when heading to the pool. Sunglasses? I only wore those because they looked cool.

I never even worried about sun protection until my doctor noticed an irregular mole during an annual checkup and requested for me to have a biopsy done. When the biopsy results were shared, I was shocked to learn that the mole contained pre-cancerous cells that needed to be removed immediately. At the young age of 25, I believed that I was invincible and immune to life threatening diseases like cancer.

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It wasn’t until this scary moment that I finally realized the true importance of sun protection in not only saving your skin, but your whole life. Even if it means applying it when you step out to grab the mail or for a quick stroll with your dog. Although the body does need some sun exposure to produce Vitamin D, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it is recommended to spend no more than 10 to 15 minutes in the sun, two to three times a week, without protection.

While SPF is not the most glamorous thing to apply and re-apply (equally important!), this May New York Super Clear Sun Stick has forever taken the icky, cumbersome factor out of applying sunscreen and made it incredibly fun to use.

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As the #1 selling sunscreen in S. Korea, this travel friendly, TSA- approved roll-on SPF makes the application EFFORTLESS. Just glide on the face and body and you will find it to be refreshingly clear, streak-free, scentless and non-sticky. It also offers a broad spectrum of protection, shielding against both UVA and UVB rays. But that’s not all. This innovative formula even blocks electromagnetic frequencies from electronic devices including your cell phone, ipad, laptop and more! Essentially, you’re given a whole other layer of protection from electromagnetic radiation that has been shown to negatively affect your nervous system.

So the moral of this story is that the next time you grab your unicorn floaty and head to the pool, make sure to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays even on a cloudy day! Don’t chance it! Glide on your May New York Super Clear Sun Stick and float in the pool without worry.

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