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Discover the most life-changing products on our site every month presented by Christina Krasch, buyer, beauty expert and founder of the new indie brand, StinaFace. Christina will spotlight her top five tried and true faves (among 60,000 products at that will take your routine to new heights. Shopping for beauty just got simpler. Get ready to refresh your beauty bag...

Manna Kadar's Blossom Floral Compact, $29

Now a lot of woman that I know, including myself, purchase a ton of blushes never to actually use them. We find that one perfect pink or peach and we put a ring on it, only looking at our past blushes when they re-appear in the off chance we needed something from the vanity drawer we hardly open. For me that used to be Nars Orgasm, until I realized I needed to step outside this union and change things up. Don't get me wrong I still have love and reach for good old faithful at times but I think people forget that with time our chemistry changes, making certain colors oxidize and look differently. I now have a few blushes I switch on and off with but my go to, that checks all the boxes, is Manna Kadar's Blossom Floral Compact. This compact is layered with dimensions of soft pink, peach and opalescent floral designs. I like to mix them all together and sweep the color over the apples of my cheeks after my bronzer and contour powder, and if I'm in a rush and can’t reach for a highlighter I just take a small blending brush and sweep the opalescent color over the tops of my cheeks and bridge of my nose. New Year, New Cheeks!

Kera Color Clenditionor, $19.99

So, if you don't know, I am a certified purple shampoo connoisseur. I have literally tried every purple shampoo on the market and while most deliver, and still take up real estate in my shower, I have stumbled upon a new and improved concept.

Clenditioner! Yes, sound it out... Clen-di-tioner! These are little bottles of pastel hair heaven! They are designed to cleanse, condition, and wait for it... deposit color into your hair! They come in an array of shades, and if I'm ever brave enough to take the Mermaid hair plunge I will have to give those bold babies a try. For now, I mix equal parts of the platinum and silver clenditioners, apply them to damp hair, wait 10 minutes and rinse. Bye Bye Brassy hair!

StinaFace Rainbow Rose Gold Brush Set, $36

I feel like I wouldn't be starting off the new year right if I didn't mention my StinaFace Rainbow Rose Gold Brush Set. I'm obsessed with all the brushes in my collection but these are my go to right now. They are super soft and feel like satin on your skin, seriously it feels like I'm getting a gentle face massage every time I apply my makeup with these. The quality of the hair is astounding and although I'm not your typical tree hugging, green juice every morning type of girl; I made sure these were made of the highest quality vegan hair. The case is designed extra holographic and bright that it makes any makeup junkie start singing "somewhere over the rainbow". I love the color of the case and the bright rose gold handles, makes for easy retrieval when looking for a specific brush in a sea of black handles.

Make 2018 BRIGHT and MERRY!

Leyla Millani Miracle Brush, $23

I am so mad that I love this brush! Really! Ever since I received it I have used it for EVERYTHING! I have so many awesome brushes but this brush just stole the spotlight of all the others. Normally I use a round brush to blow out my hair a couple times a week but now I go with this miracle brush! First off, it's really pretty...not sort of pretty but like really, really pretty. The Tiffany blue color along with the soft finish make it worthy to use by any queen. The brush is a combination of natural boar and nylon bristles which boost volume, dangle and create shine. Being an avid extension wearer I love the way this treats my precious clip-ins as well! I still use other combs to tease and style my hair, but this has definitely become the "if I had to choose one brush, what would it be" pick.

LA Splash Ultra Defined Brow Mousse, $16

The one thing I absolutely struggle with when it comes to my own makeup is my brows. I am a natural curly blonde-haired woman which means the brows I do have are so light they are hardly detectable with a microscope and grow in all sorts of directions. Generally, I use the HG of brow products from the queen herself Anastasia. However, that all changed last year when I ran into a rep from LA Splash who gave me a sample of their UD Brow Mouse, I was skeptical for sure but it only took one application and I was sold, and I’ve bought two more since then! This brow mousse is unlike other products on the market because it has a nice build-able coverage, so you can achieve soft arches or IG famous Fleek brows. Oh, and this all-star product is also waterproof so if you're anything like me and refuse to go for a swim or work out without the bare minimum brow you're in luck!

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