StinaFace Fab 5 - April Edition

Discover the most life-changing products on our site every month presented by Christina Krasch, buyer, beauty expert and founder of the new indie brand, StinaFace. Christina will spotlight her top five tried and true faves (among 60,000 products at that will take your routine to new heights. Shopping for beauty just got simpler. Get ready to refresh your beauty bag...

1. Vanity Girl Hollywood Platinum Travel Vanity, $59.99

Being a working mom has forced me to change almost everything in my beauty routine, especially when traveling with my little one. No one tells you that when you have kids you literally have to pack the entire house for even the shortest overnight trip. You go from taking a carry on to carrying the entire house with you. Diapers, wipes, bottles, strollers, car seats, just to name a few are the additional necessities that take over even the shortest staycation. That’s why when traveling I have to be super space conscious about what I take with me and why I’ve fallen in love with Vanity Girl Hollywood’s platinum travel vanity. Its sleek design allows me to take it on the go and glam up anywhere. The mirror has an adjustable dimmer so I can really blend out that contour or crease to perfection even when traveling. There is also no need for batteries or a carrying case because this baby comes with a rechargeable USB cord and soft compact carrier. I love that a sleek stand is attached to it making it super easy for me to prop up and glam out in no time. Not only is this a Fabulous Find but it’s a mom must have.

2. Vera Mona Cake and Bake Beauty Sponge, $14

I’m absolutely obsessed with all of Vera Mona’s products. The brand is known for creating innovative products for beauty needs and the cake and bake sponge is no exception to that. Being a long time beauty blender fan, I thought it would be unlikely that I would take a liking to another sponge, especially one without the round function that beauty blender provides. But man was I wrong, I now use this sponge daily alongside my beloved beauty blender. I actually wet one side of my cake and bake when I wet my entire beauty blender. After I use my beauty blender to apply my foundation I use the wet side of my cake and bake to apply my cream contour and highlight. Having a sharp defined angle, the cake and bake allows me to create definition while blending. After I use the wet side I flip it right over and use the dry side to bake my loose powder right into my highlighted areas. The size of the sponge is perfect for application and has become the sister my beauty blender always wanted.

3. Queen Helene Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque, $5.99

Now I know we’ve all seen those torturous youtube videos of helpless skincare junkies peeling off the infamous blackhead peeling masks. Those masks are definitely not for the faint of heart and do definitely give you a new outlook on life after living through the experience. I too have participated in the blackhead peel off challenge and was quite pleased with the outcome but it’s not something I would do on a regular basis to my skin. However, I do love a nice peeling mask and have to highlight this oldie but goodie product. The Queen Helene Grape seed peel off mask is a gentle alternative to other harsh peel off masks. I apply the clear gel to my skin with a foundation brush and then wait ten minutes and carefully peel off the mask. There is no harsh pulling and my skin is left super soft. I am a big fan of anything Grape seed since it’s an excellent antioxidant and keeps my skin looking fresh!

4. Teeze With Eez Tease Back Combing Comb, $9.99

“The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven” I have lived by this saying my entire life and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I love big hair and that’s why teasing is a must. Having super fine hair doesn’t make teasing your hair a simple task, you have to have the perfect storm of products and I’ve found that the key to teasing success is the comb you use. I’ve tried several generic teasing combs throughout the years and although all have done a decent job, none of them have prevented hair breakage like my teeze with eez teasing comb. The way the comb is designed helps to gather hair in a more uniformed fashion and actually cuts the teasing time in half. This comb literally does the job for you!

5. Mambino Organics Happy Baby Soothing Stick, $9.99

Being a first time mom comes with all sorts of trials and challenges including what products to put on your precious little one. I’ve never been the tree hugging organic type but when it comes to my baby you better believe this mama turns into a GMO-free, organic-loving, free range everything connoisseur. So, when my son started experiencing severe cradle cap at about 2 months old I had to find something that was gentle, natural and that would do the job. Mambino Organics happy baby soothing stick saved my worrisome mommy mind! The first time I put it on my son was right after bath time before bed time and I started noticing a vast improvement on his scalp by morning. I was so surprised by the result I started using it anytime he had diaper rash or a skin irritation and it helped with everything. It contains high quality healing calendula and evening primrose and comes in a stick balm form, making it last for quite a while. This product is a life saver.

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