On A Roll! Everything you need to know about facial rolling

Facial rolling seems to be the hottest new skin care trend swirling around Instagram, but truth is, it’s not new at all! This ancient Chinese remedy is making a big comeback. Here’s why you too should jump on the bandwagon!

So, what do we actually gain from facial rolling? Quite a lot actually. Some of the most notable benefits include, helping lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and, well of course, a nice little massage. Above all this little tool is the ultimate face freshener!

The Stones:

Jade has been said to bring balance and harmony. The ancient Chinese used jade to balance ‘chi’ and eliminate negative energy. Jade is cool and smooth making it the ideal de-puffing gemstone.

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of universal love. It is known to tap into your heart chakra and replace toxic emotions with those of love. This is the ideal stone if you’re in need of some extra self-care.

Amethyst is said to still your mind and is ideal for a clouded head. If you struggle with stress, this stone is everything you need. Enhance your rolling relaxation and let go of life’s little problems with amethyst.

Obsidian is great for opening new horizons and promoting growth. An obsidian roller will give you some strength to face new challenges in your life or find peace in new beginnings – whether for your skin or your life.



The foundation for facial roller benefits is circulation. So, if you’re going to remember one thing remember this. Not only will increased circulation give you that cute, rosy, fresh face look; it is the secret to a bright and smooth complexion.

Moisture Absorption

Without a little help, even the best skincare serums tend to lay on top of the skin rather than seep in and deeply moisturize. Try putting your serums on before rolling! Facial rolling allows your serums to be more effective and truly soak in, so you won’t waste any.

Minimize Fine Lines

We move our faces a lot and this can cause tension in our facial muscles. This tension is a major contributor to wrinkles and fine lines. A little gem stone face massage helps to ease this tension so fine lines can be avoided. Plus, the added circulation plumps and firms the skin for an extra youthful look.

Reduce Under Eye Darkness

Dark circles under our eyes after a night of no sleep is the one thing coffee cannot fix. But luckily, facial rolling is here to save the day. The cooling sensation of the stones and added circulation help minimize those under eye bags and brighten them up.

Lymphatic Drainage

It may not sound glamorous but trust us, lymphatic drainage is a beauty game changer. Build-up of excess lymphatic fluid around the eyes and in the cheeks is the number one culprit of face puffiness. Facial rolling is the ultimate way to rid your face and neck of this and other toxins that can keep your skin from looking its best.

Pro Tips:

  • Keep your roller in the fridge (or the freezer if you like an extra chill). While most gemstones are already naturally cool when kept at room temperature, the added chill will help reduce puffiness even more and will soothe irritated skin.

  • Try using your roller while wearing a sheet mask! Not only is this the ultimate at home spa treatment, but it really helps you make the most of your sheet masks. Your roller helps your skin to soak up all that juicy goodness. Not to mention it’s an excellent way to multitask.

  • Don’t forget your neck! Your neck needs circulation and lymphatic drainage just as much as your lovely face does. Start from your jaw and roll your way down to your collarbone to keep those toxins away.

Rolling How To:

Start with a clean face, you don’t want to roll any dirt or make up deep into your skin. Next, apply Biodara Cell Refresh Face Serum, a perfect anti-aging serum that works to regenerate skin cells and deeply hydrate, and you are ready to roll! Jade rolling is pretty simple really, the key is to always go up and out. Start from the centerline of your face and roll out toward your ears (this is where the lymphatic drainage happens). With the large side of your roller work your way from your jaw up to your cheeks, rolling at least three times at each spot. If wrinkles are a worry, make sure to roll out your laugh lines by following your natural laugh line curve. Once you reach your under eyes, switch over to the smaller side and roll toward your ears again. Then, flip back over to the large side to finish your forehead in outward strokes. You only need a little bit of pressure, don’t overdo it. Finish with a spritz of Biodara Immortal Mist, this will continue regenerating skin cells and reducing inflammation after you roll.

Use with:

Cell Refresh Face Serum

This anti-aging hero is does everything from refining skin tone and texture, to reducing inflammation, to stimulating cell tissue regeneration. With a little help from your roller it penetrates and absorbs to a luminous matte finish that leaves your skin velvety soft and rehydrated.

Immortal Mist

Biodara’s Immortal Mist is infused with Helichrysum, also known as Everlasting or Immortelle plant. It is known to help regenerate skin and reduce inflammation making it the perfect pair with your jade roller. Use after rolling to help soothe and refresh skin.

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