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How often do you clean your makeup brush? Be honest; we are in a safe space. We hate to admit we don't clean them as often as we should, we switch brushes, and when it comes time to clean them ALL at the same time we remind ourselves we will never do this again.... and then we do it still! UGHH! Why do we do this to ourselves (LOL)?

Cleaning your brushes is very important for applying flawlessly, but it is also crucial for our skin's health. We all want to have beautiful glowing skin, but if we don't correctly clean our brushes and makeup sponges, we can be spreading dirt and other bacterias on our skin that cause breakouts and other skin irritation EWWW!

Have no fear as always SleekShop is here. We have gathered some of our makeup brush cleaners that we use to keep our brushes and skin in tip-top shape.

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

The first is probably one of our favorite items. This Sigma cleaning mat is amazing and super easy to use, and to clean. You stick the mat to your sink or shower wall using the suction cups in the back and run your brushes along the ridged surface, and you see the built-up makeup come right off.

Check out the before and after.

Ely Maya Make-up Brush Shampoo & Conditioner

Our go-to shampoo is Ely Maya's shampoo and conditioner combo. It has a light, fresh smell, and it leaves our brushes fluffy and soft. The shampoo is made with natural oils and antibacterials but doesn't contain alcohol or harsh chemicals, making it 100% vegan!

Graftobian Pro Brush Cleaner

For those wanting a quick and effective cleaning of your brushes, we recommend the Graftobian Pro Brush Cleaner. It's perfect for makeup artists on the go and brushes with stubborn cream-based makeup that won't just come off.

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

For a quick change of colors, while doing a fun, bright eyeshadow, we can't live with our Vera Mona's color switch cleaner. It's the easiest way to use the same brush for many colors. Just a few quick strocks on the pad and presto your brush is ready for the next color with no trace of what hue you used before. The color switch is perfect for when you travel and don't want to bring every brush in your arsenal.

So tell us how often do you clean your brushes? Which one of these products are you going to try? Do you have any other recommendations?

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